Performance and Security

Fast and stable: our servers are tuned for speed, and we're fanatical about keeping your site safe.

Let's face it: if your site takes more than 5 seconds to load, your customers are going to leave. The "big guys" have a wide range of customers, with a lot of different needs. So they have to tune their servers for the lowest common demoninator. But in order to get the best performance for your site, we take care to tune our servers for the software we use to build it - Joomla and WordPress. So when we host your site, there's little to no  "wait time."

And when it comes to security, we tend to go overboard. We don't want your site hacked and disfigured any more than you do. And we definitely don't want your site to become infected with a virus that gets passed to your customers - that's a sure-fire way to get a bad reputation. We're always on the lookout for viruses and malware, so you can sleep soundly at night.